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Welcome Ashley!!!

Our last editor was forced to drop out of production before we got to the editing stage, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, but we’re still on great terms. Education comes first. What that means is that we’ve had an opening for a new editor which we’ve recently filled with Ms. Ashley Gant, and we’re super excited about it!

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Rewrites Complete!!!

As of today Reme has completed the rewrites on the book from the Alpha Playtest, and now it’s down to me to polish it up to be sent out for print for the Beta Playtest, to be GMed by a player from our last Playtest, resident Rules Lawyer Nick. We’re all supper excited about this milestone, and the break it’s going to give Reme… but she’s not done yet!

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Welcome to the Continent of Pyron!

The mechanical aspects of Pyron are near completion and ready for the first round of full Playtesting!!!! If you’re in the Albany area, or interested in running a short campaign as a playtest group in your area, we can be contacted at SerefGames@gmail.com to express your interest in participation. A basic rulebook will be provided, however setting information is still being created at this time… and will be incomplete.

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A Wild Game Company Appears!

Welcome to Seref Games’ website!

Watch this space for company news, and updates and sneak peaks at the development of our first game “Pyron” a fantasy RPG based on our own D10 system.

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