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Breaking News from Isis!

2014-10-12 14.37.13Hello again from Isis Nikki Loaf, coming to you live from the cone of shame, with the breaking news that my bowl is empty. I’m aware this is an interruption of your normal gaming related news, but I thought that it was important that you all be made aware of the tragic and urgently desperate fact that my bowl is empty.

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The Dice Inspector is In!!!

2014-10-12 15.02.25

This week at Seref HQ, Ms. Isis Nikki Loaf was called into give her feedback on the subject of dice.  Either that or she once again interposed herself uninvited between Reme and her writing; it’s really hard to tell the difference when it comes to our resident cat. :p

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Puuurrrrrfict Priorities

2014-10-12 15.04.50 The rewrites are coming along rather well, especially given that Reme’s been stuck not only making all the changes that we need made to the game and game mechanics after the Alpha Playtest, but also bringing us weekly blogs on the subject. I’m not sure she would get any breaks at all if it wasn’t for the occasional intervention of Ms. Loaf, resident of the home/office of our CEO. Sometimes she just can’t let any further work get done without interposing herself between the keyboard and the screen and making sure Reme gets a well deserved break. Thank you Isis!!!!

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Look! Kitty!!!

2014-10-12 14.34.41 Things are going pretty well at the Seref Offices lately. We’re chugging along at the re-writes, and Reme’s been doing some great blogs for us in the meantime, but it’s been very academic, so since we don’t have any playtester hijinks to share with you at the moment, I offer you this photograph of Isis Nikki Loaf, in her cone of shame, in a sunbeam, looking reproachfully at me for not working on something more productive than taking pictures of her.

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Isis’ Tale

Once upon a time, several years ago, there was an outdoor cat called Nikki who lived in a happy house with many other cats and dogs and children, roaming the forests and the fields hunting birds and mice and chipmunks, and coming home safely at night.

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