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The Drowned Lands

So you’ve got this fertile, shallow, warm sea that comes out of nowhere, and comes with plentiful habitation in the form of the existing caves and forests, as well as all the Myraean cities and towns that dotted the land. Over time, the Drowned Lands became one of the most valuable assets to the continent, as a rather large ecosystem set up shop there. Fish, of course, made it into the basin with the original floods, as did the octopi that can be found along most of Pyron’s southern coasts. In addition to this, manatees, rays, and shallow water sharks have since made their home in the Drowned Lands. The basin is full of kept, the rotted remains of old Myraean forests, and plentiful amounts of shallow and warm water marine life.

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Our Elves are… Nonexistant

Pyron is, at its heart, a game about people. The stories it tells are people’s stories. We made the choice not to include other playable species, or a large selection of monsters, because we feel that this often distracts from the core of human issues. It’s much easier to dehumanize and justify slaughtering enemies that are monstrous, as opposed to dealing with enemies that are clearly other people.

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