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The Dice Inspector is In!!!

2014-10-12 15.02.25

This week at Seref HQ, Ms. Isis Nikki Loaf was called into give her feedback on the subject of dice.  Either that or she once again interposed herself uninvited between Reme and her writing; it’s really hard to tell the difference when it comes to our resident cat. :p

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Dice Update!!!

DSCN3896An update on the dice front. We tried a different file for the logo dice, and they’re better but not there yet. The Mana crystal and masked gods dice however are looking really cool. Unfortunately they don’t have the color that we had wanted for the Masked Gods dice so we went with white on black. We’re thinking of trying the logo in black on white as the vendor says that the gold inked die have a tendency to come out fuzzier than the non-metallic colors do.

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What’s a D10 System without a D10?

DSCN1334What’s a D10 system game without some D10s to use it with? To that end we’ve been working on a scaled down version of our logo to be printed on the 0 side of D10s to be printed and released with the Pyron Book, carried as swag for our con booths, and various other things.

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