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Who took the dogs out?

Well, first of all, there are some dogs in Pyron, so we didn’t take them COMPLETELY out. They’re down in the New Myraean Empire, in the south. Dogs aren’t native to the continent, though. At least, not anymore. We’ve introduced a lot of changes to our ecology, and we’ve tried to keep the changes making sense. One of our earliest ecological changes was the introduction of hooved hyenas, or ‘hoofies’ as the staff and playtesters affectionately call them. Pyronite hyenas are large, capable, social hunters. We consider what effect they’d have on the environment of our world, and one of the conclusions we came to is that they’d outcompete wolves. So part of Pyron’s backstory is that these hyenas drove wolves to extinction on Pyron. Suri, on the other hand, has no native hyenas, and wolves survived there; this is how New Myraea is able to bring dogs over for their nobles.

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