Seref Logo

Seref Games is a start up tabletop gaming company, founded by CEO and Writer Reme Wolfrum, in order to put to paper her home-brewed tabletop RPGs. COO MJ Gallego was brought on to keep the production schedule moving, handle the public face of the company, and provide concept art.

The current focus is on the development and release of our Flagship game Pyron, a fantasy RPG which will precede all other concepts down the production pipeline. Other concepts in the works include an apocalyptic Superhero setting, an Interplanetary Sci-Fi setting, and an Original Mythological setting, which we are very excited to begin production of.

The Seref System is a D10 gaming system that provides a simple set of mechanics with the necessary breadth of customization to be adapted to almost any imaginable setting. Our new “Perks” and “Traits” based system of character building allows for a wide variety of customization, to bring real life to player characters and NPCs alike. All characters have the ability to be effective in at least one area of skill from character creation, with a wide variety of growth possibilities.

Once published we look forward to sharing with you our other original worlds, and maybe even licensing the system to other developers that want to write games on the system!!!”