Pyron is the first game in production by the Seref Games Company. Created by Reme Wolfrum with concept artist MJ Gallego and geographical consultant Bryan Jackson, edited by A.M. Gant, it will be a medieval fantasy RPG designed to introduce Reme’s new D10 gaming system, the Seref System, built specifically for an idealĀ  balance between simplicity of mechanics and breadth of unique character design and game play interaction. Pyron is written to take place in a fully developed fantasy world which will be the flagship of the Seref Games line.

Pyron_CoverThe vanilla Pyron setting is a Sword and Sorcery setting, designed to balance the two elements such that both physical fighters and casters have equal effectiveness. If all goes well, there are two supplementary settings in the works, a Sword and Sandal setting, dubbed “The Rise of Myrea” and a survival horror setting as their tech moves into the “Clockwork Empire” and the land is ravaged by an invasive substance known as “Dust” which no human can survive without a sealed suit.

Our current Beta Playtest gamers are, our creator and writer Reme Wolfrum, layout/concepte artist MJ Gallego and local gamers, Justin Opotzner, and Rachel Bowers, with Nick Quattrociocchi a playtester from the Alpha Playtest, acting as GM. Included in the Zero Playtest, but no longer participating, was our geographical consultant Bryan Jackson, and in our Alpha Playtest, but no longer available is Sarah Morehouse.