Beta Playtest Underway!!!

It’s been a long few months of editing since the Alpha playtest, the day has finally come, and it’s time for the BETA playtest! For this version of the playtest we’ll be having our Rules Lawyer run the game, and the Writer will play, along with the Combat Monkey, and the Old Guard Gamer, and the ROLEplayer. Our Newbie unfortunately had a scheduling conflict, so we’re down a man… but we’re off!!!!

Healer: The Combat Monkey has once again rolled a Healer, this time with both magical and non-magical healing capabilities.

Hitter: The ROLEplayer, just for kicks is playing the Tank, with a giant warhammer and a preexisting tie to the Healer, as mercenaries for the same company.

Hunter: And the Old Guard Gamer has rolled a hunter/tracker with a Crossbow, an attitude, and as always, a never-ending fountain of puns.

Thief: The Writer has rolled an assassin/thief with a Christian Bale Batman voice, and a servant sometimes referred to as “Alfred” despite that not being zir name.

The mission? To go and ‘recover’ the “Heart of Pyron” the heart of the head God of the Myrean pantheon, which is located in the Spring at Meridian… it was thought to be a metaphor. At this point even the Writer doesn’t know what the heck we’re stealing… but that’s not going to stop us!!!

Healer, Hitter, Hunter, Thief: We Provide… Leverage.

Let’s go Steal a God!!!

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