Welcome Ashley!!!

Our last editor was forced to drop out of production before we got to the editing stage, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, but we’re still on great terms. Education comes first. What that means is that we’ve had an opening for a new editor which we’ve recently filled with Ms. Ashley Gant, and we’re super excited about it!

So while MJ’s working on layout, we’re gonna get Ashley out ahead on the copy editing so after the first chapter MJ will run into text already edited by Ashley so the back half of the Beta book will already be edited, and the two of them can work out the front half for final publication, while a few Beta books are run off for the Beta playtests, with potential typos, but more than usable for their purpose.  We were going to do the Beta’s unedited but this gets us ahead of the ball when it comes time for production.

We’ll be out of town for the weekend next week, stay tuned for a bit about that when we get back!!!


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