Hey! Listen!

While Pyron has a skill that allows characters to move stealthily (Evasion), there is no dedicated spot/listen/perception skill. Instead, characters use their Cunning attribute in order to determine where hidden enemies are located. This design decision was made for two major reasons. The first is that it means that all characters have a chance to hunt down hidden enemies, even if they haven’t invested heavily in a skill. The second is that, despite this, characters with high ranks of Evasion will generally have the edge when paired against those hunting them.

This represents a balance, as someone who’s seeking for others must check in multiple locations, while the person in hiding has only to remain hidden, or move away from the hunter. This also represents the fact that, besides a more intimate knowledge of the area and its hidden locations, spotting someone involves two fairly simple approaches; if the target is hiding and unmoving, the hunter should adopt a more methodical approach of checking each hiding location. Whereas if the target is moving, the hunter is aided by searching for that movement itself.

Of course, there are various things that can tip the balance in either direction. There’s a character trait available for visual and auditory searches, and there’s plenty of skill perks in Evasion, in addition to using distractions, or Illusion magic to aid in one’s stealthy actions.

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