What about the Traditional “Gamers?”

We focus a lot on making sure that our setting is equal for everyone. Because we write from an American standpoint, being Americans ourselves, this involves improving the situation of the groups of people that are not at the top of the social food chain in American society. So, we write about how women, transgendered individuals, people of different skin colours, and people of various romantic and sexual inclinations, are all at the top of the chain now. What we haven’t done, however, is lower the dominant groups of the real world; we chose to uplift everyone to the same level, without a similar lowering for dominant groups.

This uplifting that we’ve done is within the context of the universe. That is, we hope that it makes sense for the world. It certainly makes sense to the people who populate the world. Women in positions of power doesn’t mean that men can’t hold them. Sexual orientation not being considered for social status doesn’t result in heterosexuals losing any standing. People of various ethnicities holding power in their own nations– nations that stand on equal footing with all others in the world– does not result in the nations that Americans would view as being populated by whites being inferior.

We would hope that the equal standing of traditionally oppressed and/or marginalized groups from our real world wouldn’t be a turn off for our potential customers. The unfortunate truth is that, if these things are a deal breaker for them, then we’re probably not the right company for their interests.

Events, such as the so called Gamergate, have shaken our confidence in some few of those individuals around us. That said, I have every confidence that gamer culture will overcome this stumble in our steps toward becoming more inclusive, and that such things won’t be regarded as issues worthy of complaint in the future.

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