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Rewrites Complete!!!

As of today Reme has completed the rewrites on the book from the Alpha Playtest, and now it’s down to me to polish it up to be sent out for print for the Beta Playtest, to be GMed by a player from our last Playtest, resident Rules Lawyer Nick. We’re all supper excited about this milestone, and the break it’s going to give Reme… but she’s not done yet!

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I Can’t Ride a Horse Either

Pyron has two main social skills, those being Finances and Manipulation. Both involve dealing with other people and coming out ahead, getting what you want from the interaction. Finances covers the more economic areas of interaction, such as haggling or contract negotiation, while Manipulation deals more with emotions and swaying people to agree with your point of view.

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The Drowned Lands

So you’ve got this fertile, shallow, warm sea that comes out of nowhere, and comes with plentiful habitation in the form of the existing caves and forests, as well as all the Myraean cities and towns that dotted the land. Over time, the Drowned Lands became one of the most valuable assets to the continent, as a rather large ecosystem set up shop there. Fish, of course, made it into the basin with the original floods, as did the octopi that can be found along most of Pyron’s southern coasts. In addition to this, manatees, rays, and shallow water sharks have since made their home in the Drowned Lands. The basin is full of kept, the rotted remains of old Myraean forests, and plentiful amounts of shallow and warm water marine life.

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Languages: Spoken and Not

If you haven’t noticed it yet, we’ve got a pretty big trend of each culture being distinct from the others. Each nation has its own history, its own native culture(s), its own currencies, and yes its own language(s). All told, there are ten languages available for characters to learn on the continent; nine cultural/ethnic languages, and a sign language. Most of the nations are multilingual, in that they have populations drawn from various ethnic groups, and no real reason to stamp out the languages of the others.

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The Dice Inspector is In!!!

2014-10-12 15.02.25

This week at Seref HQ, Ms. Isis Nikki Loaf was called into give her feedback on the subject of dice.  Either that or she once again interposed herself uninvited between Reme and her writing; it’s really hard to tell the difference when it comes to our resident cat. :p

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