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Why are There So Many Currencies?

To understand that, you’ve gotta go back to the reason that the modern Pyronite world is the way that it is. The Myraean Empire spread itself across the surface of the continent through diplomacy, magical firepower, and economics. Whenever they took a new territory, they enforced their own economic standards, which included their coinage. Myraean coinage, which is the same as Meridianite coinage, is an iron coin with a number of holes punched in it, with each hole filled with a disk of crystallized mana. This was done as a show of wealth and prestige, and allowed wealthy Myraean Magi to cannibalize their own wealth in an emergency.

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Puuurrrrrfict Priorities

2014-10-12 15.04.50 The rewrites are coming along rather well, especially given that Reme’s been stuck not only making all the changes that we need made to the game and game mechanics after the Alpha Playtest, but also bringing us weekly blogs on the subject. I’m not sure she would get any breaks at all if it wasn’t for the occasional intervention of Ms. Loaf, resident of the home/office of our CEO. Sometimes she just can’t let any further work get done without interposing herself between the keyboard and the screen and making sure Reme gets a well deserved break. Thank you Isis!!!!

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Diversity in Fantasy Settings

I think that diversity in a fantasy world is one of the most important elements of world building. While it’s one thing to take inspiration from a region, or culture, to use as the seed for one’s setting, it’s another to build that world with only one representation of what a person looks like. It’s important for players to be able to see themselves in their characters, and players come in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, and ages.

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Inventory System

One of the things I wanted to avoid when designing Seref’s inventory system was the common weight based system: that is, a system where you can carry anything and everything so long as you’re strong enough to carry the weight. This has never made particularly much sense to me, and I wanted something a bit more logical, so we went with a system based on storage space and the size of items.

Seref’s inventory system uses a inventory slots, which represent how much space any given container has, in order to determine just how much a character can carry. The standard backpack has twenty inventory slots in its main pouch, and carry lots of little items, or only one or two large items; exactly like an actual backpack. Some items won’t be able to fit in certain containers: for example, a spear won’t fit in a backpack, even if a spear takes up less than twenty inventory slots. For the most part, this applies to larger items like weapons and more rigid armour. What your character has with them becomes a matter of what they have space for, rather than what they can lift, with various options for increasing space, such as through pouches and pack horses.

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Ever Changing Backgrounds

Pyron’s background traits allow players to change what their regional bonus is, giving a bit more control over how their character stats out at character creation, and each trait provides its own RP buff. Despite what the name might imply, though, in the Seref System background traits are available for purchase at any time that the GM feels they’ve been earned. While someone might not have been born a Noble, they can certainly become one over the course of their life. Certain background traits wouldn’t even be available at birth, such as College Magi.

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