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Alchemy in Pyron is a scientific affair. We went back to the original roots of alchemy, as an early precursor of chemistry, when designing the skill and the items it can produce. Pyron’s alchemists wouldn’t see anything mystical or magical in what they’re doing, and in universe it’d be treated as the study of chemical interactions. It just so happens that, within the world of Pyron, physical mana happens to be a component that can be used in alchemy. Alchemical mana is distinct from enchanting mana, and from mana fit for consumption.

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War in Pyron

Large scale warfare between the nations of Pyron is rare. Due to the prevalence of magic, and the use of mana, warfare has become prohibitively expensive. Travel magic allows fortresses to both deploy troops, and gather supplies, at a rapid rate. Barrier magic can protect troops and fortifications, while counter magic is used to disable enemy magi.

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Pyron’s Naming Conventions

Provided with the main Pyron rulebook is a section on names. In it we note the naming convention for each culture: For example, Myraeans get a Greek naming convention. What this represents is a commonality in cultural names for each group. What this does not represent is a basis in the real world culture that we’ve utilized for the convention. Myraeans are not Greek, nor are Nakka Egyptian, or Llini Celtic.

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Pyronite Indulgences

Pyron’s cultures tend to be fairly materialist, in that they focus on happiness in life, rather than an afterlife. To this end, the continent shares some common indulgences between the various stations in life. For the Nobility, intoxicants such as caffeine, alcohol, marijuana, and mana are all common. One of the most common forms of indulgence is for heaps of marijuana to be smoked on braziers during feasts, to provide an easy buzz, as well as to keep guests pleased and less likely to do violence.

The lower classes of Pyron have more sporadic access to indulgence items, usually based on their location. City dwellers have nearly as much access as the Nobility, when they can afford the items, thanks to magical transport. Lower class individuals who dwell outside of the cities, however, would be dependent upon caravans, traveling Magi, and whatever items they could grow or brew themselves. Thus caffeine would be a more common indulgence in the continental south, whereas alcohol would be common across the continent.

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Why is this all in BASE 8?!?!?

If I’m being absolutely honest? It’s because of Minecraft. I liked the idea of counting Pyron currency the way I would a stack of items in MC, so I made the Pyronite currency base eight. Though it started as both a joke and a bit of a tribute, I ended up doing some research into it, and it’s actually a pretty nifty system, although an admittedly ironic choice as the game system is base 10.

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